What are the Hot Topics in Teen Chat Rooms?

Published: 09th February 2012
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Chat rooms for teenagers offer adolescents the convenience of social interaction without the effort required to meet new people. Despite raging stereotypes, ever teen who enters a chat room is not desperate or socially awkward, although every chat room does have at least a few social outcasts. In fact, chat rooms are much like a high school lunch room on the first day of school. At first, teens decide where to sit, or who to talk to, based off of their perception of similarities with others. By the end of the year, each table as its own realm of personalities and conversations, much like a chat room.

Technological communication methods, such as chat rooms, have greatly influenced teenagers. Teenagers now demand information at high speed, and seek passive conversation rather than direct encounters. Members of preceding generations are baffled by the thousands off text messages that fly between teenagers, and wonder what they could possibly be discussing. However, what they fail to realize, is that life has not suddenly become event less. In fact, teens have more to talk about than ever. Chat rooms are one place where teens can find others with similar interests, ask questions, discuss homework, and find potential lovers.

There are many chat rooms that are for specific interests. For example, there are whole forums dedicated to nearly any imaginable topic. People enjoy talking about their interests, and chat rooms are an easy way for teens to relate to others who share their passions.

One common teen interest is sports. In chat rooms, teenagers can argue over the latest game predictions and controversy, discuss their favorite players, and find other people who play their sport. Even though sports may be the bud of conversation, it can often bloom into other common interests.

If teens are seeking out those with similar interests, they may also discuss their hobbies, favorite television shows, music, or pop culture. Teenagers enjoy talking about things that relate to them. So even though an adult might want to discuss the latest news, a teenager is more likely to talk about their own interests, or even dispute opposing viewpoints.
Many teens also turn to the internet, and chat rooms, for advice. Whether they want some fashion tips or relationship counseling, teenagers will often turn to their peer group for guidance. Teenagers might also ask questions about how to deal with parents, bullies, stress, their personal life, or life questions. If they do not want to discuss the issue with a friend, or simply want a stranger’s point of view, a teenager might turn to a chat room, because of its variety in people and their views.

Every teen has been stuck on some ill explained math problem or troubling science lab. The internet is often much quicker than a tutor. If a teen needs an immediate response and explanation, they might turn to a chat room. Homework and other school work is common discussion in some chat rooms, because school is such a major part in most teenagers’ lives. In addition, many teens are preparing for college and have questions about how to do so. Homework/ education are especially true in chat rooms that are intended to help students.

Even though most adults, and even teens, know that the high school sweetheart will probably not be your spouse, flirting and romantic discussion is extremely common in teen chat rooms. For some teens, internet flirting might just be a way to have a little fun, whereas for others it can turn into relationships. Even though the flirting can be innocent, it can also turn uncomfortable, even potentially dangerous. Teens in chat rooms should be aware of their conversations, and never do or say anything regrettable.

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